Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just like a heartbeat drives you mad...

So I know summer is vastly approaching, but I just can't give up tights just yet! These are my favorite pair I own, and I always get lots of compliments when I where them, well, except for my snotty brother. He always tells me I look terrible when I wear them. Actually, the word he uses is "tragic". Haha! Like he knows anything about fashion, women's in particular. Whatever, I'll let him call me what he wants, but I'm not the one wearing slippers to school...

skirt and shirt : urban outfitters
tights : target
cardigan : wetseal
shoes : jc penny?

And look who I saw basking in the sun outside while I was taking picture. My cat, Sophy! It's kind of a funny story behind his name. Yes, his. Basically when we got him last year, the woman who gave him to us told us he was a girl. Sophie was the perfect name for such a classy looking girl cat. Come to find out a few months later when we went to get her fixed, the vet told us she was a he. We couldn't tell because his...junk...were stuck in his stomach, and could lead to cancer if we had waited a little longer. But we couldn't just change his name, you know, that's what he responded to by then. So we took the ie off of Sophie and replaced it with a y instead. You know, to feel more masculine.

I like that his name is Sophy. It gives him character I think.


  1. I love those tights, and Sophy is adorable!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I say ignore your brother, those tights are fabulous! I love the colours in this outfit, neutral but still interesting. I'm loving your blog, so glad you got one.

  3. My mom felt the same way about my patterened tights for a while. She said they were 'too fancy/sexy'. I say I love patterned tights - Especially yours!

  4. Im still in awe of your hair..so gorgeous. Those tights are amazing, too! I love this outfit in general. :) Sophy is so cute! Aww...your blog is adorable! Hope you have a great week. x

  5. That skirt is seriously cute and I like Sophy

  6. you have a wonderful cat!!! and oh dear, brothers can be so obnoxious on fashion choices. aaagghh, i feel for you!

    you look fabulous!! those tights are wicked! :D

  7. Your style is fantastic, your brother knows nothing :) you yourself are simply gorgeous. I adore your blog!

    thank you for following me, I will now follow you, and keep up with the posts :)

  8. I love this outfit! I love the green and lace tights together :]

  9. Well, now that I look at it, is the skirt green? haha maybe it's just my monitor. Still love it though ;]