Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nice to meet you.

So my sophomore year in high school is quickly coming to and end and before I know it, I'll be graduating. This is such a scary thing for me to think about. I mean, I have absolutely no idea what I want to pursue beyond school, and I feel most people my age already do. So I thought, why not start a blog and post things that I'm passionate about, and things that inspire me, and maybe through this I can find something worth pursuing. And who knows, maybe on day this blog will be good enough to impress somebody.

To start off, my name's Cara. I love all things fashion and music, which is probably what I'll be blogging about most. I live in a boring suburban community, and plan escaping as soon as I get the chance. I've always wanted to live somewhere exciting and fast paced, like a big city somewhere. I have played the cello for 5 years now and am no where near as good as I should be. I'm really not great at anything. Well, anything that could get me far in life. If collaging were a skill in demand though, I may just be in luck. So anyway, I can't wait to start blogging and be inspired, and hopefully inspire others. And maybe my time my "life actually begins" I won't be afraid to take it by its horns.

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